The Lulu Count Methodologies

As our literary community tallies gender, race, ethnicity, ability, LGBTQQiA, and down all other lines of our varied and diverse identities, Lulu wonders after the pool from which editors solicit and the litmus test in place to vet prospective contributors to journals and periodicals.

Why are we not looking critically at the demographic makeup of the larger body?

If these problems exist in literature, it is because they exist in academia

Why Did You Choose These Prizes?

These prizes are consistently listed in the “Top Ten Literary Prizes” one could win. They are objectively prestigious and further one’s ability to write by providing the justification/means for “time to write.” They are widely sought after in the literary community.

What Makes Someone An “Academic?”
  • It is listed in the bio
  • Is listed on university site as faculty
  • Is a PhD student with a fellowship
  • Is an Adjunct/Associate/Full Professor
  • Has Tenure or is on a Tenure Track
  • Multiple Visiting Writing/Writer in Residence
  • Cashes Academic/University Checks
  • Is affiliated with an academic institution
Why Are We Defining “Academic” in this way?
  • According to the National Center for Education Statistics as part of the United States Department of Education: “Faculty in degree-granting postsecondary institutions… include professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers, assisting professors, adjunct professors, and interim professors.”
  • Money equals influence.
  • Semantics are used to convince one labor force that they are better than/less than another labor force.
  • Listing any academic affiliation in one’s bios offers legitimacy in the eyes of editors.
  • To show the far-reaching control of academia, we must be candid and honest about how we are influenced.
But what about Adjuncts and Part Time Faculty? Why would they be counted as Academic alongside Tenured and Full Time Faculty?
  • The Federal Government and Organizations that represent university faculty do not make these delineations.
  • Universities make these delineations and train us to the language in order to create a sub-class of workers. This justifies their exploitation.
  • We are talking about a system. One is either part of it, or they are not.