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Mission Statement:

The Lulu Fund is a new organization, founded by Ashley Ford and Anna March. Committed to inclusivity, Lulu works within the literary community to shift established systems that benefit the few, and to promote the understanding within intersectional feminism that racial, gender, and class justice must be sought as a whole. We support individual writers and organizations who demonstrate their commitment to these ideas by telling critical stories and lifting marginalized voices. Lulu offers financial support, takes and encourages direct action, and works to foster collaborations. We support writers of all ages and at all stages of their careers. We emphasize support for members of the LGBTQQIA community, people of color, the dis/abled, and those from diverse educational and economic backgrounds. Lulu believes that these divisive, identifying markers do not exist independently of one another. To remove one, all must be torn down— Lulu seeks to burn down the walls.

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Please note we are NOT a non-profit organization and your donations are not tax deductible.




We believe that there is a terrifying and persistent narrative that “things are pretty good” regarding racial, gender and class equity. Lulu is emerging a narrative that we must burn down the house and build a new house. To that end, our five year plan includes the following key activities:


  • Create Lulu in a sustainable way, following non-profit best practices to ensure for its healthy future.
  • Present first annual Lulu awards of $1,000 each to writers and organizations with demonstrated commitment to racial, gender & class justice.
  • Present findings of first annual data project and begin conversation about the importance of specific systemic change within the literary community and tangible ways each of us can work to create that change.


  • Develop various lasting Lulu communities online and offline to foster connected relationships and networks among literary citizens with shared values,  This will include the creation of matrixes and maps on the Lulu website as well as toolkits for action.
  • Launch ongoing Question the Curriculum initiative to encourage broad based interrogation of inclusiveness within all aspects of the curricula in higher education. This will include direct action plans various constituencies can implement to effect change.
  • Launch ongoing formal mentorship program to provide new and emerging writers of all ages with established writers as mentors.
  • Begin active participation in support of equity for adjuncts.


  • Launch ongoing fellowship program, placing emerging writers of all ages as editorial fellows, funded by Lulu, at well-respected publications.
  • Begin actively participating in the fight to abolish unpaid internships, fairly compensate labor and establish more equitable access to opportunities. Instigate initiatives related to this fight within the literary and publishing realms and provide leadership and resources for other organizations and individuals in our sector to participate in this fight.


  • Establish lasting writing residency program to provide residencies that are practical and affordable for a greater number of people.
  • Examine existing residencies and present data findings to spark conversation and encourage greater equity within the current models and inspire new models to develop. Establish this as an ongoing conversation and provide data and leadership on the issue both as an activist organization and an organization that has a residency.


  • Strategic and Long-Term Planning

(This draft plan is subject to change.)





We believe that our mission is an important one. If you agree, please consider making a donation of any size to Lulu. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. We are an all volunteer organization but we have significant start-up expenses and are giving $7,000 in awards at our first awards ceremony in March. We depend on the generosity of people like you to help us do this work and are grateful for your support. Please consider making a donation today.  Please note we are NOT a non-profit organization and your donations are not tax deductible.  However, to reassure our donors and to make sure their are no questions,  please note that the donations/income from all sources — auction (square and paypal), go fund me, ticket sales (eventbrite) —  as well as all costs/expenditures will be audited by an accountant (Marisa Thomas has been retained by The Lulu Fund to conduct this audit ) in June 2016 to make sure all  income is accounted for and that all was spent on behalf of The Lulu Fund and that any remaining funds (we don’t expect any) were transferred to the non-profit Cave Canem Foundation.  We will make the audit findings (audit letter from Ms. Thomas on her letterhead) available here on this website by July 31, 2016. (We hope by June 30.)   Because they are difficult to audit and we want to have transparency, we do not accept cash or checks.

(As with our gala income, funds will be transferred to March Media, which has made a start-up gift of $2500 to The Lulu Fund and provided significant additional out of pocket funding for The Lulu Fund and is paying all  the outstanding expenses for The Lulu Fund.  We are hoping to reimburse her in full for the expenses above her gift.  (March Media is Anna March, one of our co-founders. You can read more about her here.)